About Us

At last, amusing and entertaining video ecards that take a crack at the funny side of
recovery. Is there a funny side? We think so. We blended film clips from public domain movies and provided voiceovers with witty scripts that have been laced with original music and written with just enough
outrageous truth and experience to make you laugh out loud, and it’s all right here
at, Reel Rotten Recovery.

We know it is difficult to find the perfect message to send a family member or friend who is in a program of recovery…ahem, or needs to be. We also think jubilation is one of the healthiest ways to keep in touch and show someone you’re laughing at them, uh, with them.

The Reel Rotten Recovery Staff

REEL ROTTEN RECOVERY is the best place to buy your recovery video ecards!

"He who lives without laughter languishes in a lonely lair left to lament and linger in limbo."