Amusing and entertaining video ecards that take a crack at the funny side of recovery!



We understand the difficulties of alcoholism and dysfunction. It reaches far beyond the afflicted to touch families, employers and society as a whole. The most effective treatment that exists today is Alcoholics Anonymous for the alcoholic, and Al-Anon for family and friends of alcoholics.

There are many 12-step programs that address the maladjusted.  It is extremely difficult for someone to admit they have a problem, but once they have arrived at the crossroads, what they need is a sympathetic ear from someone who has traveled the dragway of self-destruction and lived to tell the tale.

United with those who have been entrapped by addiction and escaped with their life helps the newcomer to realize that ‘we can do what I can’t.

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"He who lives without laughter languishes in a lonely lair left to lament and linger in limbo."